Since first opening in 2004, ASTEC has provided unique outreach and engagement opportunities for the community.  As a state-of-the-art simulation center, ASTEC is positioned to provide informative and interactive STEAM activities to college clubs, K-12 schools, and community organizations.  Over the years, ASTEC has been a special destination for class field trips, science event attractions, and small group learning adventures.  Below is are some examples of outreach activities that have taken place at ASTEC.  

Introduction to Healthcare Simulation

Tour of ASTEC with opportunity to see, touch, and briefly experience certain pieces of simulation equipment.

Anatomy & Physiology

Using ASTEC's Anatomage table, explore the body's general anatomy, circulatory system, histology, and blood flow.

Introduction to Human Patient Simulator

Learn about the functions of the robotic wonders used by health sciences students every day.  See their different functions and perform a brief CPR scenario on them.

Introduction to Basic Airway Techniques

Using the same simulation task training equipment as health sciences students and professionals, learn about the basics of airway management.

Introduction to Surgical Skills

Spend time on the same FLS trainers as future surgeons.  Practice the basic hand coordination skills needed to perform laparoscopic surgery.

Introduction to 3D Printing and Modelmaking

Learn about different forms of 3D printing and watch the printers in action.  See the CAD files used to design an ASTEC suture pad and watch a demonstration of how to mix and pour the silicone needed to create the actual suture pad model. 

Simulation Case Programming

Learn about and try programming simulation scenarios using LLEAP or UNI.  Launch the scenario and change the simulator's physiology in real time.