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ASTEC is on the forefront of an exciting effort to transform medical training and reduce medical errors without the use of animal products.

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You tax deductible donation will contribute to ASTEC's mission by:

Ensuring medical students and doctors practice invasive procedures in a supervised lab setting until they are proficient and long before ever carrying one out on a patient.
Providing simulation opportunities for first responders (i.e. fire fighters, helicopter rescue crews, border patrol and military personnel) to practice life-saving skills before they need them.
Guaranteeing that absolutely NO animal lives or tissues are used for medical simulation training and that only high-fidelity, artificial tissues are employed for training purposes.  Click here to view ASTEC's artificial tissue models.
Continuing to demonstrate the effectiveness of medical simulation education and training to dramatically reduce preventable medical errors and save peoples lives.

Donations may be mailed either directly to the UA Foundation. They also may be made online through the UA Foundation Website. Receipts are sent by the University of Arizona Foundation.

Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and will help ASTEC continue to provide innovative collaborative learning opportunities for future physicians, nurses and first responders who learn, practice and assess their understanding of procedures in a high-tech, realistically simulated environment.

Thank you for your consideration and commitment to ASTEC.