Current/Recent Research:

  • Surgery – Asynchronous Telementoring for Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery. Evaluating the effectiveness of remote mentoring of FLS skills on pass rate and scores
  • Surgery – Storz Grid Study. Efficacy of an overlayed navigational grid on novice camera holder drift during laparoscopic surgery.  
  • Airway – Mixed-Reality evaluation of decision making during airway emergencies.
  • Bleeding Cric – Development and testing of a novel bleeding cricothyrotomy trainer.
  • Blindfolded Code – Impact of blindfolding residents during simulated code arrest scenarios on closed loop communication and performance.
  • Legal Sim – Efficacy of mock trial simulation on resident preparedness for malpractice lawsuits



2nd Place Presentation entitled “AR-Guided Wound Closure Application” at the 2019 International Meeting on Simulation Healthcare SimVentors Showcase in San Antonio, TX on 27 January 2019. 


2nd Place Presentation entitled “Pilot Study: Evaluation of Interprofessional Education through Telesimulation using Remote and Live Facilitation” at the 2018 Medical Education Research Day in Tucson, AZ on 23 March 2018.


$5,000 Academy of Medical Education Scholars (AMES) Grant for the project entitled “Optimizing Individual Suturing Practice Using Augmented Reality” on 3 October 2017.