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ASTEC conducts Public Health Emergency Medicine Don and Doff exercise

April 2017

Alongside the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health, ASTEC conducted an exercise to increase risk perception and validate or improve procedures for emergency medical services when removing personal protective equipment (PPE). Pathogen movement and exposure potentials were tracked through the use of a harmless virus tracer (bacteriophage PR772) and a powder visible only under ultraviolet light (Glogerm). Participants were asked to don PPE and complete routine procedures in a simulation scenario.  After the exercise, participants doffed and were evaluated for the presence of Glogerm. The study allowed for effective evaluation of various types of PPE, comparisons for virus spread before and after training, and evaluation of behaviors that may impact virus spread. ASTEC plans to design the new Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) to accommodate more research with the College of Public Health.