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ASTEC partners with the Optical Sciences Department for the development and testing of a Multiresolution Foveated Laparoscope (MRFL)

February 2017

Hong Hua, PhD, along with her research team in the Optical Sciences Department at the University of Arizona have designed a new Multiresolution Foveated Laparoscope (MRFL). The MRFL provides an innovative approach to addressing a major trade-off of traditional laparoscopy: field of view or high-resolution images. In a proof of concept study, ASTEC began evaluating peripheral awareness during modified laparoscopic skills tasks with the use of a Multiresolution Foveated Laparoscope (MRFL) compared to traditional laparoscopes. Under the R21 NIH grant, ASTEC will continue this study over the next three years while providing opportunities for residents and medical students to gain experience with laparoscopic skills training.