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ASTEC goes In Situ to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

July 2011

For almost a year now, every Friday at 11am, SimBabyTM makes a trip to the PICU.  This In Situ training provides the opportunity for interprofessional education (IPE), which is when different professionals and students work together to teach and learn from each other to improve patient care and improve health outcomes. 

The SimBabyTM can be programmed with a number of physiological parameters to mirror life like diagnoses.  Working together by knowledge sharing and teamwork, residents, nurses, pharmacists, attending physicians, and students can diagnose and care for SimBabyTM, just as they would a real infant.  Team members play out these roles in real time, often working to “save” the baby.  In addition to the urgency of trying to save the baby, stressors such as a distraught parent, contribute to the intricacy of the scenario, again, mirroring real life situations.  Afterwards, the team debriefs about what went well, what possible changes could have been beneficial, and what they learned. 

Last year, 22% of ASTEC’s training was done in situ or on the unit.  This equates to almost 1,500 learner contact hours (LCH).  Watch the video below for one such case, and see how many IPE skills you can identify: clear messages, closed loop communication, clear roles and responsibilities, knowing one’s limitations, knowledge sharing, constructive intervention, re-evaluation and summarizing, and mutual respect.

The picture above shows the "all clear" communication among team members, just prior to the delivery of a shock by the defibrillator.


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