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ASTEC Medical Simulation Training Request Form

Please fill out and submit the following information to request training time in ASTEC. Please note that in all instances, ASTEC staff are available to operate all human patient simulators. In regards to the specialized task trainers, ASTEC staff are available to assist with set up but there is no guarantee assistance will be available at all times throughout the procedural training. In some instances, ASTEC staff are able to provide both instruction and equipment operation but do so only on a case-by-case basis depending on the specialized needs of the trainees.

In all cases, it is required that all new instructors meet with ASTEC staff prior to their scheduled training to become familiar with the equipment. It is also required that any instructor with a case scenario that has not been previously utilized (click here to submit new case) meet with ASTEC staff beforehand so that the proper planning is in place so that the timeframe is structured appropriately (e.g. planning for prep time of a burn victim takes significantly more time to prep than an anaphylaxis only patient).

Note: If applicable, include both coordinator and instructor contact information.
Note: If so, this will require an ASTEC operator.
Note: In most instances the maximum number of participants would be 6 per case or skills session.
Please express in hours and half hours such as 1.5 hrs or .5 hrs Note: For medical scenarios plan for no more than three sessions per hour. This includes time for prep and debriefing.

If you are requesting to run a case scenario that has NOT been previously submitted please click on the following link: 

Submit a Case Scenario

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