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Customized Artificial Tissue for Medical Simulation Training

ASTEC provides a variety of simulated tissue models based on the education and training needs of all learners. All artificial tissue models are developed and manufactured in house using low cost materials, which in most cases can be recycled.

Artificial Tissue Models

Caesarean Section

Caesarean Section


Thoracotomy / CABG


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Gatric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

simulated iv tissue

Peripheral Intravenous Access

& Arterial Line Placement

simulated umbilical tissue

Umbilical Cord Access

Adult I/O

Adult I/O Trainer

Pediatric Trachea

simulated adult chest tube tissue

Adult Chest Tube Placement

simulated pediatric chest tube tissue

Pediatric Chest Tube Placement

simulated wound tissue


simulated tibia fracture tissue

Tibia Compound Fracture with Arterial Bleeding

 simulated ultrasound tissue

Ultrasound Guided Line Placement

simulated uterous tissue

Ectopic Pregnancy

 simulated anastomosis tissue

End-to-side Anastomosis

simulated carotid tissue

Bifurcation of Common Carotid

simulated adult pericardiocentesis tissue

Adult Pericardiocentesis

simulated pediatric pericardiocentesis tissue

Pediatric Pericardiocentesis

 simulated bowel tissue

Bowel Anastomosis


External Carotid - Internal Carotid Bypass